Brand new suites at Fira, Santorini.

A lush, verdant garden surrounded by luxurious suites in an exclusive area of Santorini is ready to host an unforgettable holiday!

Just a few steps away from Santorini’s capital, in the scenic neighborhood of “Kontochori”, stands a unique, luxury suite complex. You won’t believe your eyes when you first see the vibrant green olive garden, the comfortable, relaxing deck chairs, and the swimming pool with its romantic little nooks. A stunning sea view unfolds right in front of your eyes and follows you, wherever in San Marino Suites you may be.  

Let your senses run wild and free while gazing at the mesmerizing deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Revel in well deserved moments of deep relaxation and total tranquility in the luxury of your elegant suite. Minimalism and Cycladic architecture prevail. The blinding white meets the volcanic black, the verdant green of the garden and the azure blue of the sea.  Here, in the east of Fira, on a slope filled with colorful, traditional houses and churches you will find the six, newly built luxurious Suites of San Marino where a well kept secret for an extraordinary stay in Santorini awaits to reveal itself to you and your loved ones.  

Lovers of tranquility and refined aesthetics find in our suites, garden and the rest of San Marino’s premises their ultimate rendition. Our suites are ideal for couples seeking a romantic getaway, families looking for a secure and comfortable family retreat or even international celebrities casting about for high end accommodation that ensures privacy and serenity during their stay in Santorini.


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