About Us

Evgenia Villas & Suites looks like it popped out of a postcard in a quiet part of the Fira capital overlooking the magnificent east shore of the island and the Aegean Sea. A majestic and welcoming spot ready to fulfill every traveler’s dreams. The beauty and elegance that Evgenia showcases today did not happen accidentally or overnight. It is constantly fueled by the efforts and love of the Katsipis family. It is their hard work, passion and dedication to absolute perfection that has made Evgenia what it is today. It is a family that all guests love, a family that makes all guests want to return.

The Katsipis family has a long and proud history on the island. In 1956, after the big earthquake, many families left the island looking to settle in other destinations. The Katsipis family stayed loyal to their motherland, facing challenging times and an uncertain future. Marinos Katsipis, the founder of Evgenia Villas & Suites, grew up under adverse conditions experiencing poverty first hand. To support his family, he gave donkey rides to tourists from the Old Port to the capital of Santorini, Fira. That was the only means of transportation available at the time. Evgenia Katsipis, Marinos’ wife, who gave her name to the lovely Villa, also grew up on the island and experienced a childhood of hard work and scarce resources. Her father was also making a living working in tourism with the donkeys. Marino and Evgenia experienced the life of many Greek islanders, challenging times, hardworking fathers in tourism and loving and devoted mothers at home keeping the family together and maintaining a good household. Overtime, tourists started to flood the island and very slowly things began to change for Marinos and Evgenia. They got married in 20-02-1983. With the money saved from the donkey business, they embarked on a new endeavor to support their young family.

In 1988, the first floor of their new Villa was built. It was a modest four- room complex with an extra room for their growing family. Slowly over the next seven years, a second floor was added. By 1998, their young son George, 11 years old at the time, joined the family business. With no internet connection on the island and a little opportunity to advertise, young George and Marinos would spend their days at the airport or port attempting to bring customers to their business. Sometimes these long days passed in vain, with no customers willing to stay at Evgenia Villa. These were the difficult days that created pressure at home. Regardless of these days, Marino and George were always welcome at home with warmth and a smile from Evgenia.

Evgenia kept the Villa running smoothly, cleaned the rooms and provided guests with delicious, homemade, traditional Greek breakfasts. She did this while raising a family. It was hard work washing sheets in barrels and assisting guests at the same time while maintaining a loving and stable home for her children. To this day, Evgenia continues to provide breakfast to the guests and ensures that the grounds, pool and rooms are kept sparkling clean. She is always happy and never complains.

Over the years, George continued to learn the family business from his parents. The guests loved seeing this young man working so hard for his family. While understanding at a young age that hard work and honesty was the best way to win a customer's trust, it took some time for George to fully comprehend and embrace the business. George’s passion for Evgenia grew along with his vision for it and his family’s future. In 2004, Evgenia’s Villa was passed onto George to manage and operate. George knew immediately the current state of six rooms with one shared bathroom was not sufficient anymore and that immediate renovations were required. Slowly, he began transforming Evgenia, incorporating his personal design, modern style and island flair into the renovations. In 2008, the Villa was completely refurbished and in 2013 five new exclusive suites were added.

The perfection that is Evgenia’s Villa today, with attention to every last detail, is George – his vision, his passion, his commitment to being the best and the pursuit of making every guest feel like a member of the family. The Katsipis family has a long history on the island's accommodation scene; one they are proud of, one that has come with self-sacrifice, struggles and commitment to never give up and never settle for anything but the best. What truly bonds this family is their love and devotion to each other. That is why the five new rooms opened in 2013 were named San Marino Suites. It is a tribute to father Marino for his love and dedication to his family. Simply put, San Marino Suites and Evgenia Villas & Suites are tributes to the loving and devoted parents, the active role models to daughter Vina and sons George and Roussetos.